I am happy to offer English-language coaching as well.

Renate Starke
Renate Starke
I spent more than 35 years as a managing partner of various music publishers and labels in the music industry and then as an agent and manager in the television industry.
In November 2012, I was trained and certified by the Coaching Academy Berlin as Personal & Business Coach (ECA).  The systemic constellation of competencies has been particularly effective and sustainable when dealing with my clients.  Since 2017, I am also a qualified QSA-certified SYNAMIK ™ coach.

My coaching enables me to offer more than the classic management of artists and consulting services, for example, creative dialogues to uncover unknown resources and abilities.

Systemic coaching

At its core, coaching is about developing goals and solutions to questions of everyday life and problem living in private and professional contexts. With the help of structured discussions, specific questions and exercises, one's own solutions are developed - not predetermined - and personal potentials, abilities and inner resources are activated and made tangible.

Systemic constellation

In my work, I found the systemic constellation as a very lasting coaching method. It makes concerns of all kinds, e.g. on a professional, mental or organizational level, visible and experienceable. Constellations offer the possibility to dive deeply into the aspects of a subject via bodily states and feelings and without any other analytical, theoretical or practical preparatory work, to perceive, admit and intuitively react without 'presenting'.